Two Minds is finished!  Two contrasting personalities share a single body.  Intricately carved feathers of ocher and light brown are illuminated against an emerald green wood grain background.  I used three separate hand carved woodblocks to print Two Minds. See it in the - SHOP -

PLUS the July newsletter is out.  Ink Slingin’ Woodcut demo at the Loft Parlor and Birdtopia go up this week check it out - HERE - and sign-up - HERE -

The newest BIG INKers KILLED IT!  10 artists where chosen out of an application pool of 24 and had two months to work on a large woodcut at least 24” x 36” in dimension. We all met and I helped them print their work on June 15th/16th at Zea Mays Printmaking in Florence, MA.

If you would like to be notified of the next open call for entry follow me on Tumblr or go to for more information. I am in the process of scheduling another BIG INK for this fall!